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VAT & Central Sales Tax
In India Value Added Tax (VAT) is a state matter and is imposed by the respective state governments when taxable goods are sold either directly or indirectly with in the territory of that particular state. Seller is liable to charge VAT at the specified rate on the goods sold and deposit the same to the credit of state government after adjusting tax credit available on its purchases. Most of the states have prescribed a minimum limit of turnover for the first applicability of VAT eg. in Delhi (India) VAT is applicable when local turnover exceeds Rs. 10 lac.

When taxable goods cross geographical boundaries of a state then Central Sales Tax (CST) becomes applicable. Most of the states have not prescribed any minimum limit of turnover for the first applicability of CST and consequently becomes applicable on the very first sale itself.
What MNRS Offers
MNRS & Associates provides Sales Tax services for Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra state. We are also providing services in other states of India through our network. MNRS provides comprehensive advice and assistance in the following:-
  • VAT and CST Registration
  • VAT Audit
  • VAT credit Audit
  • VAT Consultancy (including Amendments, issue of various forms, Preparation & Filing of VAT and CST Return)
  • VAT and CST Appeals
Contact for this Service
CA Neeraj Agarwal

CA Princy Singhal

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Telefax: +91-11-29812975
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