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Startups need to keep accurate financial records and prepare their financial statements accordingly. startups analyse their financial performance, prepare forecasts and projections, and provide financial advice to help them make informed decisions about their business. They are also subject to several regulations and compliance requirements.

A CA (Chartered Accountant) firm can provide a variety of services to startups, including:

Accounting and Book keeping

The CA firm can help startups set up their accounting systems and maintain accurate financial records, including preparing financial statements, managing accounts payable and receivable, and reconciling bank accounts.

Tax Planning and Compliance

We can help startups navigate the complex tax regulations and assist with tax planning and compliance, including preparing and filing tax returns, managing tax liabilities, and advising on tax-saving opportunities.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

We can provide IT companies with strategic business advice, helping them to make informed decisions about investments, mergers and acquisitions, and other key business decisions.

Audit and Assurance

We can conduct audits and provide assurance services to help startups ensure compliance with regulations and identify areas for improvement.

Business Advisory Services

We can provide strategic advice and guidance to startups, including business planning, financial modelling, and risk management.