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Deed, Agreement and MoU drafting
Deed is a written and signed document which sets out the things that have to be done or recognitions of the parties towards a certain object. Commonly, under the law a deed has to be sealed in order to ensure itsí enforcement.

Agreement is a contact and an outcome of a process of an offer by one party, accepted by the other. There are several ways in which such an agreement may be formed.

MOU is a legal document outlining the terms and details of a mutual agreement between parties including each parties roles and responsibilities. Our firm assists in drafting all such MOUs.
What MNRS Offers
MNRS has a team of experts including advocates and company secretaries for drafting deeds, agreements and MOUs. Our experts keep in mind all Acts, rules and regulations in India or Outside India along with protection of interest of all parties to the deed, agreement or MoU. At the time of drafting they also consider complex situations that may arise in future.
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CA Neeraj Kumar Agarwal

CA Vishal Rathore

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