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Companies are governed in India by companies act, 1956. Registrar of Companies (ROC) is the regulating Authority who supervise and controls the affairs of the Company and with whom necessary documents are filed for various statutory requirements.

Types of companies: Normally companies are limited by liability and the shareholders are liable upto the unpaid value of their shares. Broadly in India companies are formed in two forms:

Private Limited Company – Requires least Compliances and is suitable for close working groups. Restricts maximum numbers of members to 50 and prohibit any invitation to the public to subscribe any shares, debenture or deposits, also put restrictions on freely transfer of its shares.

Public Limited Company – Enjoys access to public investments though subject to various disclosures and compliances as compared to private limited company.
What MNRS Offers
  • Speedy Formation of Private/Public Limited Company.
  • Drafting of memorandum and article of association of companies.
  • Conversion of Private Limited Company into Public Limited Company or Public Limited Company into Private Limited Company.
  • Changing the name of the company.
  • Change of registered office, directors, stakeholders etc.
  • Alteration of main objects of the company to undertake/change new business activities; increase/decrease in capital clause etc.
  • Assisting in holding of Statutory meeting and preparation of statutory report
  • Appointment of directors and their remuneration.
  • Creation of Holding and subsidiary company
  • Assistance in ensuring Compliances of Inter corporate Deposits (ICDs) & External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs)
  • Amalgamation, merger and acquisition of companies.
  • Compliances of Payment of dividend by companies & remittances outside India.
  • Buy back of shares
SEBI Regulations
  • Matters relating to Substantial Acquisition and Takeover Code
  • Preferential Allotment and Pricing Guidelines.
  • Matters relating to price rigging, Insider Trading, price manipulation etc.
  • Portfolio Management Services (Rules and Regulations)
  • Matters relating to Brokers’ Registration Fee, Multiple Membership fee etc.
  • Appeals before Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT)
  • Securing permissions for External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) etc.
Industrial Licenses In India various Industrial licenses and permissions are required to start and run business. MNRS helps in getting these licenses and permissions.
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CA Vishal Rathore

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